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Addressing Screen Time: Tips for Protecting Children's Eye Health

In a world where technology and digital devices are intertwined with our daily activities, the impact of screen time on children's eye health is a pressing concern for parents and health professionals alike.

Is IPL Dry Eye Treatment Suitable for Everyone?

Patients who struggle with dry eye have symptoms that range from mild discomfort to severe, life-disrupting pain. If you're one of these individuals, you've probably tried every eye drop, warm compress, and dietary supplement on the market.

Managing Chronic Dry Eye: Long-term Benefits of IPL Treatment

Chronic dry eye can make your life miserable. Your eyes feel like sandpaper, you cannot focus on anything, and you dread putting on contact lenses.

Pediatric Eye Care: Common Eye Conditions and Their Treatment

Your little one's eyes are precious and deserve the best care. But sometimes, they can have eye problems affecting their vision and health. Some eye problems are present at birth, while others develop later in childhood. Some are mild and easy to treat, while others are serious and need surgery or ongoing treatment.