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Compared to most private practices in the area, Broad View Eye Center is a giant, but we haven't always been. We have humble roots. We started the business from scratch back in ‘02 with one employee and not knowing a soul. The early years were tough. Sometimes we would only see one or two patients a day. A day! We stuck to our plan though, which was to treat patients like family. Fast forward 20 years, and Broad View Eye Center is a busy, bustling practice. The three of us still spend most of our time in the clinic seeing patients and weighing in on day-to-day decisions. Although we have grown significantly, we haven't lost sight (no pun intended) of why we did this in the first place: To make patients feel special and cared for. So thank you for the privilege of being your eye care providers.

Dr. Nicolette Scott, Dr. Josie Kosunick, and Dr. Douglas Wiersma


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