Dr. Nicolette Scott

Dr. Nicolette Scott

My Why:

“I had a vision (no pun intended) in which I wholeheartedly believed, and even though I knew starting a practice was a calculated risk, I was still scared. We had a shoestring budget, so I enlisted family and friends to help bring the office to life (that’s true friendship when people offer to help paint, construct furniture, and make window treatments!). It was a labor of love, and the part that makes me most proud and smile wide to this day, was that my dad, Peter Tuerpitz, was by my side for it all. It was the last major milestone in my life that he witnessed before he passed.” – Dr. Nicolette Scott, founding partner

The Fun Stuff:

A former high school science teacher, Dr. Scott realized, after a couple of years, that teaching wasn’t her true passion. Therefore, she followed the advice of a school counselor, quit teaching and applied to optometry school at The Ohio State University. But when she’s not preaching eye health (like less screen time), Dr. Scott displays a knack for interior design and loves to get lost in that world. She’s a sucker for a good rom com, is slightly obsessed with U2 and IKEA, and proudly proclaims that the best album is and will always be Abba’s Greatest Hits.

The Credentials:

Upon graduating from The Ohio State University College of Optometry in 2001, Dr. Scott founded the practice in the Fall of 2002. With a specialty in pediatrics, she received a fellowship from the College of Optometrists in Vision Development, to further her knowledge and study of pediatrics and binocular vision. In addition to being a well-liked eye doctor and small business owner, she is mom to Andy and Libby and wife to Allen, a paramedic-firefighter for their hometown of Berea. She sees patients at all three of our locaitons.